Thoughts on Topicalia’s design———
Topicalia is intended to be experienced on a wide screen (no smaller than sideways mini ipad). You should see a split screen with a ︎white side (pictures) and a ︎black side (text), divided by a ︎blue line. Posts with the same numbers are designed to be scrolled through concurrently, but whether you do so is up to you

Just as you need playstations to play Zelda, or moon goggles to see space, you need the right screen size to parse this page—otherwise you’ve only seen half of it

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Meets expectations

Notes on gelatin  (2 pages)

Screenprinting 2019 (2 pages)

Spiritual cage

Notes on sculpture (7 pages)

“Anxiety inducing activities 0-100”

Origami concepts—
good hygiene (2 pages)

Dopamine “like” pings

The gag layer (2 pages)

The system really should notes

1) ‘opinion’–the ‘i’–the individual
2) requisite sontag
(5 pages)